Spring Cleaning Helps with Spider control

Photo Credit: Mississippi State University

Your spring cleaning routine does more than clear out the dust bunnies and cobwebs. It can also help eliminate common house spiders too. When you're doing a deep clean of your home, you will be moving your furniture to pick up all of the dust which will create fewer safe places for spiders to make home. For spider control in the home decluttering and cleaning is the best line of defence. This is especially true for brown recluse spiders which are known to be venomous if provoked. Also, vacuuming is also great spider control as well according to Blake Layton who is an entomologist at the Mississippi State University. These common house spiders are often found in homes in Northern Mississippi. They aren't life-threatening, but if they bite you and inject you with their venom, you could require medical attention. Since there is a rise in the number of inquiries about these brown recluse spiders around late springtime, it's been linked to attics warming up and driving the spiders out. The spiders want to be in much cooler areas of the home in the summertime which is why they go lower into the house.

You can identify a brown recluse spider by a dark-brown fiddle shape on their back. They don't make webs for catching other insects to eat but only to protect their eggs or to hide in. To get on top of spider control in your own home, there are some cleaning tips you can try right away to lessen your chances of attracting spiders. First of all, keep your shoes off inside your home, so you're not tracking dirt and dust into your home. These spiders will thrive in a dirty environment which is why it's so important to do regular deep cleanings of your home. Also, declutter your home regularly too. The more areas spiders have to hide, the more likely you are to have them living in your home. Another cleaning tip is to buy a good vacuum that has attachments that will reach into smaller spaces in your home. Another spring cleaning tip is to go through your kitchen pantry and fridge to get rid of expired foods and dust off the shelves too. You want to make sure that your food is stored in sealed containers and you want to also clean up any crumbs, so you're not leaving food for insects. Air out the rooms in your home and wash your curtains and clean your blinds as well. This is also a great time to clean out your closets and donate items that you don't wear or that you don't use anymore.

If you have a fireplace, this will also be very important to clean out since spiders love a dusty, dirty environment like this. There are plenty of cleaning tips on how to clean your fireplace which include vacuuming it out and washing the inside walls of it. Also, fix any cracks you may have in your home which can welcome bugs in and create hiding places for them to make their homes. You can use caulking to seal them up, or you may have to replace window and door trim to create a tighter seal in your home. If you're thinking about spraying your home with insecticide, be careful what kinds of products you use. Using a chemical-filled repellant could also affect the air quality in your home. So using an all-natural insect repellant will be better overall. You can make a natural spider repellant using essential oils like peppermint which is very strong to spiders and will keep them away. Check out more cleaning tips and spider control ideas from the Mississippi State University website.***

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