Steak and Cheddar Mac and Cheese

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Steak and Cheddar Mac and Cheese is a treasure trove of nutrition and also a great comfort meal. This dish blends the creamy flavor that is so well appreciated in macaroni and cheese with the robust flavor of steak. Who could not like this combination of tastes? Steak and Cheddar Mac and Cheese is also quick and easy to make, and as the website blogger and recipe creator notes, this dish is good enough to pull out the wine. So why not try this in your house tonight?

This great recipe starts from scratch to build the flavors including fresh parsley and garlic, which are two fantastic flavor complements. Parsley aids in digestion as well as keeps the breath fresh when it has been filled with yummy garlic. Garlic is a well known food that delivers plenty of nutritious punch as well as flavor wherever it is added. Another great component here is the use of whole wheat pasta. That bumps up the nutrition, adds plenty of flavor, and even changes the texture of the meal a bit. High protein comes from both the cheese and the meat, which are added, and there is plenty of both in this recipe.

Try this version of mac and cheese on the family sooner rather than later. It is an affordable meal and will easily feed a crowd, so ask friends to drop by, too. Prepare some steamed greens, like spinach, kale, Swiss Chard or a combination of greens, or stir fry some mushrooms (or do both) all of which will complement this dish, and are quick to prepare, too. Check Steak and Cheddar Mac and Cheese out today and why not make it tonight?

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