Stew In A Pumpkin

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If you have never had stew in a pumpkin this is a recipe to try as soon as possible. The slightly sweet and rich flavor of the pumpkin percolates through the stew offsetting and complementing the rich flavor of the meat, potatoes and other vegetables. As you eat, you can gobble big chunks of the pumpkin, which is rich, sweet and buttery. A perfect pairing.

This is a fabulous dish to serve when friends and guests are coming to dinner. Every one is always so impressed with how beautiful the pumpkin looks, and that you have gone to all the trouble to assemble the dish this way. This recipe for the stew that goes in to the pumpkin calls for some vegetables that you might not eat every day. They include rutabaga and parsnip. These are special vegetables that add a very interesting and unique flavor to this dish, so be sure to get them and add them in.

This stew is fantastic on its own, but becomes very special if you take the time to serve it in mini pumpkins. Even one large pumpkin could work to hold a much larger amount of stew, but the mini ones work great (and they are easier to bake evenly). One tip to making these individual servings of stew a success is to be sure to not over cook the pumpkin. Watch them carefully as they bake, and check them often. Pull them from the oven as soon as they are just tender enough to eat. Serve this dish with big chunks of bread, fresh corn meal quick bread, or biscuits. Any one of these breads will taste fabulous with this dish. Try this dish soon.

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