Sticky Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken

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Why is it so much fun to eat food with your fingers? And doesnt food taste better if you have to lick your fingers? This sticky honey lemon ginger chicken fits the bill and will have you reaching and popping and licking all night long. Make them for a family night in front of the TV. Use plenty of napkins. These babies are juicy and messy as well as delicious.

The recipe is made by cutting your chicken up in to small bite-size pieces then rolling them in a spicy blend. If you find chicken hard to cut up, chill it for an hour to make the flesh firmer and easier to manage. Always be sure to keep raw meats on separate platters and your hands clean before and after you work with raw meat.

The sauce can be served on top or on the side as your family prefers. One of the secrets to its special flavor is the ginger. Ginger is spicy and pungent. If you have not tried it before, start with less and work your way towards more in your favorite Asian recipes. It adds a wonderful warm bite to foods.

Ginger is a root and when you buy it, you must peel the rough exterior to reveal its yellowish insides. These can then be diced, chopped, grated or otherwise blended to add to lots of dishes. Ginger can go in to sweet or savory dishes. Ginger blended with greens and lemon and your favorite protein mix makes a great spicy drink. Ginger is also thought to help calm upset stomach as well as nausea. Pregnant women have been known to chew ginger to help with the nausea associated with child bearing. Ginger also contains gingerol, which can help lessen pain associated with arthritis. Ginger is also thought to help boost your immune system and may help deter certain cancers. So it is a good root to get friendly with and start introducing into your family meals.

This particular dish lets you choose how much ginger you want to add. You also get to choose how crunchy you like your chicken. Want more crunch? Read about how this recipe helps you bump it up a notch on the crunch factor. Kids love crunchy and this no-calorie quick method can help encourage fussy eaters to try more chicken.

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