Sticky Maple Bacon Bars with Kentucky Bourbon Glaze

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'Oh Bite It' is one of our favorite recipe sites to feature beautifully photographed food from as well as some crazy good sounding items, like these 'Sticky Maple Bacon Bars...with Kentucky Bourbon Glaze!'

Close your eyes and think about maple syrup and bacon. That is like a match made in food heaven.

Do you know anything about bourbon? A little bit of Kentucky Bourbon is used in the glaze. We should take a minute here to find out a little bit about Kentucky and Bourbon. 95% of the world's bourbon is made in Kentucky. All bourbon is also whiskey, BUT not all whiskey is bourbon.

Bourbon is made from corn. Bourbon is sweet because it is made from corn and corn is a sweet grain. The more corn that is in the drink, the sweeter the whiskey is. 51 percent of the brew must be corn for it to be called bourbon although most distillers use a much higher percentage, more like 65-75 percent corn. It is a one-time deal for bourbon and its charred white oak barrel. You can not use the barrel more than once for bourbon. The barrels that have been used the one time, then get shipped to other facilities that make Tequila and Scotch. These barrels also can be used to storage of maple syrup, beer, coffee and tobacco. Bourbon can have nothing else added to the distilling process except water, and it must be distilled in a charred oak barrel. Bourbon must age in the barrels for at least two years.

Baking and cooking are culinary experiences, and much of the fun is to have some knowledge about the ingredients. Just think you are now armed with some pretty interesting trivia about bourbon so when you bake this dessert and are sitting about eating it, image the conversation starter this is!

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