Sticky Pineapple Ginger Chicken

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As soon as you see the word, sticky, in a recipe you just know it will be scrumptious. And that is the case with this sticky pineapple ginger chicken. The snap of ginger in a sweet sauce is a wonderful blend of flavors and works perfectly with chicken (and shrimp). This recipe starts with a breaded chicken that is baked (but also provides a fry option if that is what you and your family prefer) that is then coated with a classic Asian sauce. This sauce will be sweet, savory and slightly hot and peppery making it a perfect topping for chicken. Served on a bed of white rice with a sprinkle of contrasting green onions chopped on top will have your family lined up for seconds and thirds.

This dish takes a bit of time to prepare so be sure to make it on a day when you have the time and energy to pull it all together. One way to make it a bit easier is to prepare the chicken breading the day before as well as the sauce. Both can sit in the refrigerator over night. Then cut the chicken, cook the whole thing up, and there you go!

This is a one-dish meal, really, if you serve it on a bed of rice. It can serve up well with Chinese green beans, those very long beans you often see actually knotted in the grocery store. They can cook up just like ordinary beans, and the soft flavor of the beans works nicely against the sharp and spicy flavor of the chicken. Of course, the visual impression is great, too, dark green beans against a lightly golden chicken on a bed of white rice. Perfect.

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