Sticky Potatoes

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If you are looking for different types of potato dishes to have, this sticky potatoes recipe will be a unique addition to the table. This dish combines pan fried mini potatoes with a sweet and sour sauce that is addictive, sweet and tangy. Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, was inspired to develop this delicious potato recipe by a meal she had at a Korean restaurant. She had a potato dish that was very similar to this one in that restaurant and decided she had to try it at home. Her version is very similar to sweet and sour chicken with soy sauce and garlic, and a hint of ketchup, for that sweet and savoury flavour. In fact, you could use this exact glaze to make a sweet and sour chicken recipe if desired. First, try this interesting take on potatoes and serve alongside roasted meat and steamed Asian vegetables.

Although Brandie calls for mini potatoes in this potato recipe, you can use whatever potato you have on hand. The mini potatoes look adorable when quartered, but the key here is to get your potatoes small enough so that they cook quickly on the stove in a skillet, and have several sides to caramelise on. Consider trying red skinned potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes, or even a yellow-fleshed potato. Either way, this sweet and tangy potato recipe with be an addictive side dish for dinner through the week. The secret to having the most success with this dish is to get the potatoes golden brown before adding the glaze. If the glaze is added too early, the potatoes won’t colour or caramelise at all. The potatoes should be allowed to become golden and crisp on the outside before adding the sauce. The sauce will take only moments to thicken due to the high heat and sugars.

One of the most important ingredients to this sweet and sour recipe is soya sauce, which is a fermented sauce made from soy beans and roasted grains. This sauce adds a molasses colour, deep flavour, and saltiness to this dish that makes it so delicious. If you are on a gluten-free diet, soya sauce won’t be a good addition to this dish for you, but there is a handy substitute. Tamari is a Japanese style soy sauce, which contains more soy beans and doesn’t usually contain wheat. For this reason, tamari is almost always suitable for gluten-free diets, but be sure to check the label on the bottle just in case. Another important ingredient is corn syrup, which sweetens the sauce recipe, as well as giving it a glossy colour. Although corn syrup is effective in this dish, many prefer not to eat it because it isn’t good for you and provides little nutritional value. Instead of corn syrup, you could use raw honey, which has its nutrients intact. The honey may not be very different in calories, but it will be a more natural, flavorful sweetener that will allow the sauce to thicken into a glossy consistency.

If you would like to amp up this sauce recipe, even more, you could add some spiciness in the form of red pepper flakes, or a fragrant finish with a small amount of freshly grated ginger. A small amount of rice vinegar would be a great addition to this sweet and sour sauce recipe is you tend to like more sour than sweet. Either way, this yummy potato dish topped with nutty sesame seeds will be a winner for the whole family. Thank you to Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, for sharing her sticky potatoes recipe with us.

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