Sticky Ribs that are Very Easy to Make and Delicious

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This Chinese sticky ribs recipe is the perfect food idea for Chinese New Year or a good dinner idea for guests. This year Chinese New Year falls on February 16, 2018, and is the year of the dog. For this sticky ribs food idea you want to marinate the recipe longer than usual marinating times which are between 4 to 12 hours. This rib recipe requires a bit longer for marinating so the full flavor can have enough time to infuse. One full day, about 24 hours, is necessary for that to best flavor to occur. Less time for marinating and the rib recipe will produce less flavor. At the least, you want to marinate at least 12 hours if you are pressed for time, so you want to take this into account when you are planning to make these ribs. Longer than 24 hours marinating time for this rib recipe if perfectly fine, unlike other recipes. These ribs get better as they chill out in the marinade. And you don't want to forget to use some of that marinade recipe for the rib glaze. The heat and subsequent reduction in the recipe will kill any bacteria that was in it. And this reduction has an amazing flavor too. For the full step by step instructions for this rib food idea, you'll want to take a look at the Midnight Baker site.

For this rib recipe, you will use the oven-roasting method of cooking. If you are lucky enough to have a convection oven setting in your oven, that’s the way to go for this rib food idea. However, if you don’t have the convection oven convenience, then you'll want to roast on a conventional setting at the same temperature which will give you perfect ribs, but it’ll just take a little bit more time. The ingredients that you will need for this rib recipe include pork baby back ribs. For the marinade recipe, you'll need low-sodium soy sauce, sugar, gin, fresh ginger, cloves garlic, and honey. Gin may be omitted from the recipe and replaced by chicken stock, although they won't be as tasty.

Spareribs are probably the most popular type of ribs, and they are the ones most commonly found in your local grocery store. Spareribs are a cut that comes from the bottom section of the ribs with the baby back ribs on top and the breastbone. These ribs have straight, flat bones that have more marbling throughout the meat than baby backs. Rib meat for recipes is fairly tough and can be fatty, but if it they are given plenty of time to cook down, the ribs transform into flavorful, tender meat recipes. Buying and storing pork spareribs. Spareribs and baby back ribs for recipes are two different cuts. These popular cuts of meat are similar, although they come from different areas of the animal. Baby back ribs aren't from baby pigs, but rather they are the upper ribs, cut from where the ribs meet the spine. The bones in these are shorter compared to spareribs, which are cut from just below the baby back ribs. It's best to cook spareribs soon after you buy them, although they will keep in the fridge for two to three days. Any longer than three days and you want to store them in the freezer, where the ribs will keep for up to six months.

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