Stir Fry Sauce

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Sauces are usually made with an oil base and have an acidic companion to help break down some toughness in the meat or also add flavor to the sauce. The wide varieties of sauce that range from typical ones used with pastas such as marinara, béchamel and pesto is well known to many cooks and included in a variety of recipes. There are also basic stir-fry sauces that also use oil and vinegar as the base and can have garlic, shallots and onions added for flavor. These can be the base for your healthy stir-fry recipes that use veggies and tofu and lean cuts of chicken, pork or beef as well. The never-ending opportunity to use many different spices in your sauce recipes will give every different palate a chance have something to their liking and you can use them with any of your favorite types of stir fry recipes.

The original use of sauces in 200A.D. in the Roman empire was quite possibly mainly to disguise or hide the freshness of meats since cold storage was not what it is today. From there they began to become more of a pairing for foods rather than a masking agent. Sauce recipes range from aioli’s that were originally from Italy and used in France, Spain and many other Mediterranean countries and are basically thought of as mayonnaise type sauces. That is not true since the original aioli’s are made with oil and garlic and there is no egg found in them as with mayonnaise that is basically totally egg based and mixed with oil. Basic stir-fry sauces are based in Asia and typically in China since they are first credited with the idea of a stir-fry. The basic components of a stir-fry are the veggies, meat and some type of noodle. The method commonly used incorporates a pan, wok in Asian cooking, a small amount of oil and veggies, meat and noodles that are quick fried to lock in all the nutrients and taste of the ingredients.

Tonia’s stir-fry sauce recipe is easy to make and is ready in 10 minutes. This sauce recipe can be assembled with ingredients found in most home pantries and you can add or subtract from the spices listed in this recipe. Thanks to Tonia of the Gunny Sack for her Stir Fry Sauce recipe that gives you the chance to make a homemade stir fry sauce that you can use as a marinade or a mix for healthy stir fry recipes you have. Basic stir-fry recipes usually incorporate veggies; noodles and meat or tofu whatever is your choice. Getting the homemade stir fry sauce recipe like this one from Tonia will give you the basics of a sauce recipe and from there you can add whatever spices you like to get the flavor you want to bump up your stir fry recipe. Bon Apetit.**

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