Stovetop Tuna Casserole

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When it comes to casserole recipes, nothing beats tuna casserole. Here is the best tuna casserole recipe for cooking on the stovetop instead of the oven like most tuna casserole recipes. You may remember tuna casserole from the 90s or even earlier when it was a staple in every household in America. An easy casserole recipe that was ready in no time at all to feed the family. Casserole recipes became very common in the 1950s since the ingredients were affordable and easy to pick up at the grocery store and then store them until needed. All that's really needed for a tuna casserole is a can of tuna, a can of vegetables like peas, a can of cream soup, cheese, and some egg noodles. It's also great because these casserole recipes are very easy to make and then freeze to heat up later too. They're also great to bring to gatherings and potlucks. Usually, the casserole is topped off with a crunchy topping which is sometimes made with crushed up potato chips. A dish in Australia is known as tuna mornay, and it has a Mornay sauce which is a Béchamel with cheese but they use wheat noodles instead of egg noodles.

Either way, it's a great recipe to make when you need a quick and easy meal that's comforting and hearty at the same time. For the best tuna casserole recipe from Samantha of Five Heart Home, you'll need not only tuna, which you can buy at the store in a can. You'll also need peas, butter, flour, milk, salt, black pepper, cheddar cheese, tuna from a can, butter crackers, parmesan cheese and parsley. Instead of cooking this casserole in the oven like most casserole recipes are, this one is actually able to be cooked on the stove. Samantha also makes the creamed soup from scratch too and doesn't use very many store-bought items for her recipes. When you're buying your ingredients for this recipe, check your grocery store for sustainably caught tuna. It will usually have a label on the container telling you if it is. You can even buy tuna in a pouch too if you prefer. Sometimes cans can leach harmful toxins into the food after a while too, so it's important to check your best before dates. Not just on tuna but on all of the goods in your pantry.

There are so many different types of tuna fish available too so learning a bit more about them can really help when you're going to buy some in the store. Albacore or white tuna tens to be the best type of tuna you can buy. Then, you will have to choose between chunked, flaked or solid tuna. There is even light and white tuna which can be confusing. Albacore, or white tuna, will give you more Omega-3s overall, so it's a better choice. Also, you want to make sure that your fish was sustainably sourced and that it's not the Bluefin tuna is endangered, so it's important not to consume this fish. Good tuna raised in happy, healthy and natural environments that are caught in the wild will contain more nutrients than those that are farmed. You could also try and get your own fresh tuna and cook it up at home. Fresh tuna is always great on the grill with some sea salt and lemon. Vegans can easily make this recipe if they have a source of fake meat that is like tuna, or just leave it out altogether. You can also use tofu as a substitute for tuna in this recipe as well. Enjoy this and other great casserole recipes from Five Heart Home and share them with your friends.***

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