Strawberries and Cream Pie

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Just the thought of fresh strawberries and cream makes my mouth water. So you know that bringing these two ingredients together for a strawberries and cream pie is going to be nothing short of sensational. And this recipe really delivers.

This recipe takes advantage of ready-made pie crusts and whipped cream. Both of these ingredients can be bought ahead of time and kept in your freezer or how the recipe front recommends you store their product. That means you can make this recipe on a moments notice and really wow friends and family with how quickly you can put together something really special.

The options are pretty much endless with this recipe as youll see at the website. It recommends either an Oreo crust that is bumped up with more chocolate or that you try a graham wafer crust. Both crusts are perfect complements to strawberries and cream. The recipe calls for strawberries but also suggests other fruit such as raspberries or a blend of your familys favorite fruit.

This recipe is family friendly, too, so young bakers can help out. If kids are old enough to handle a knife they can help wash and hull berries. Younger kids can measure out chocolate chips or help blend up the cream and the berries. Certainly every one can help out in the taste test process to be sure the pie meets the exacting standards of for strawberries and cream in your household. There are not like going to be many rejects of this creamy and tart dessert.

Strawberries are always a favorite fruit of summer, even though we can often buy them year round. Something about their tart and luscious flesh and bright red color says summer is here. Strawberries are also one of the very best sources of antioxidants. They are a fragile fruit, however, and research shows that the quality of the berry does deteriorate rather quickly, losing large amounts of its nutritional value. So be sure to buy your berries are fresh as possible, perhaps from a local U-pick stand. Or even make a day of it with the family and pick your berries today for your dinner tonight.

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