Strawberries And Cream Poke Cake

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style

I hope that whoever invented the poke cake won an award. Nothing can beat it and when you pair it up with strawberries and cream to create this fabulous strawberries and cream poke cake, well, I think you can bet your family will be standing in line for seconds, and thirds, and . . . well, you get the picture! This dessert is quick and simple but looks like a dream and can be served for casual Saturday BBQs or for special dinners that call for something spectacular. Either way, you know you'll be invited to make it again and again.

You can shorten the time it takes to make this cake by using the recommended box mix on the website or you can really show off your culinary skills by following creator Melissa's directions to make your own white buttermilk cake from scratch. Either way, your results will be fantastic.

The secret to this cake lies in the filling that fills up the holes you poke in to the cake. In this case, you will want to spread the filling over the cake while the cake is still a bit warm. So you might want to prepare the filling while the cake is baking. That way, you can be sure you are ready to spread when the cake is just the right temperature. Once you've spread the yummy filling (that includes dreamy white chocolate by the way) you put the cake in to the fridge to chill thoroughly. This will likely take a few hours. Then you prepare the final topping. Lots of whipped cream and strawberries of course! Chill for a few more hours and this cake will be ready to wow. This cake contains plenty of dairy and strawberries so it offers plenty of goodness as well as fabulous flavor. It's a lovely cake for summer, and especially delicious with local fresh strawberries.

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