Strawberries and Cream Swiss Roll

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Try this Strawberries and Cream Swiss Roll recipe, and see just how delicious fresh strawberries taste in a roll that also includes whipped cream. This Strawberries and Cream Swiss Roll recipe is quick and easy to make, even though all of the parts are made entirely from scratch. This Swiss roll recipe is made using plenty of egg whites, which is the classic recipe for a roll. Using lots of egg whites in a roll recipe does produce a singularly eggy product, and one that really helps to emphasize the flavor of the filling (which is the most important part of the recipe anyway, right?). So try this Strawberries and Cream Swiss Roll recipe soon and you will soon be making it often.

This is a quick and easy recipe that is still made from scratch and has all the great flavor and lovely texture that you get when you make a dessert by hand. The cake is easy and the instructions are step by step and clearly written. Even your up and coming baker will be able to make this dish. This dish is blended perhaps a little bit differently than most other cakes. This one uses a lot of eggs and so you begin by blending the eggs and sugar until they are light in color (adding in plenty of air to help the rise) and then add the rest of the liquid ingredients. The dry ingredients are added later, and lightly blended together in the mixture. Bake. While the cake is baking, you prepare a towel and heavily sprinkle it with icing sugar. When the cake comes out of the oven, you turn it out on to the sugared towel. This creates a fabulous texture to the cake roll.

This recipe does call for you to use frozen or commercial whipped cream, rather than preparing it from scratch. Commercial whipped cream can certainly save you some time and energy, but if you can, use real whipped cream. There is really no comparison to the flavor of fresh, whipped cream. And when fresh whipped cream is blended with fresh strawberries the flavor is really fabulous. Here strawberry jam is blended with the whipped cream, but you could also blend in real strawberries (and you should!). A few sprigs of fresh mint would also taste fabulous with this dish.

This is a fun and friendly little dish to make. A roll is always pretty and fun to eat, and kids will pull it apart and eat the insides first before gobbling up the cake. It can also be a very pretty and elegant cake to serve, with the spiral shape and topped (in this case) with strawberries and mint.

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