Strawberry and Angel Food Cake Tiramisu

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This dessert is the best of two worlds, strawberry shortcake and tiramisu. Try this Strawberry & Angel Food Cake Tiramisu (A Delicious & Family Friendly Recipe) but be forewarned: your family will demand it every week. This recipe is delicious, a step up from strawberry shortcake because of the custard, and layered to create a sweet, creamy and satisfying dessert. This recipe also gives a great recipe to make the Angel Food Cake from scratch. If you have not made this type of cake before, run to the store and buy the pan you need and make it today. A homemade Angel food cake is so superior to anything you buy at the grocery store, there is not even a need to think about it.

This recipe also gives a lovely custard recipe and makes the whipped cream from real cream. That means this dish will be entirely decadent, filling and just taste fantastic. It also looks very pretty and will serve up well to any friend or family member who happens to drop by. Or make it for a special dinner and let this cake take center stage for dessert. With the strawberries and layered cake and custard, this cake will be a delight to behold.

Baking delicious foods from scratch increases the amount of time to make anything; that is true. But the difference in flavor from something where you have made every part of the dessert cannot be overstated when compared to something out of the grocer’s freezer. When we are overworked, stressed or tired, instant desserts are a great go to, but when you have the time, and the energy, try this dessert. You and your family will be glad you did.

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