Strawberry And Cream Bars

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This recipe comes together quickly, easily and wonderfully well using both commercial ingredients as well as great homemade effort. The Strawberry & Cream Bars are a triple layer of delightful cookie, creamy and chocolate-y (white chocolate) middle with a glossy topping of lightly stewed strawberries. The blend of cream and strawberries is a perfect taste of tangy and creamy, and really says summer. Make this recipe for just about any occasion. It does require fresh strawberries so when you can get them from the local farmer’s market, this recipe will taste its best.

Strawberries pack a good nutritional punch, offering lots of vitamins and minerals that can make you feel great about eating and serving them to your family. They are made here by stewing part of them and folding in the rest, fresh. Cheese filling adds dairy and protein, and the dish has less sugar than you might expect. The cookie base could be made from scratch, if you have time and want to do that step, but otherwise you can choose an organic or low-sugar variety if you want to watch how much sugar is in the recipe.

Make this strawberry & cream bar whenever you want something that will appeal visually as well as for its great taste. It will be hard for anyone to resist the bright berries that cover the top of this dish. And the creamy filling and slightly crunchy cookie base offer a great texture contrast that will make everyone’s taste buds happy. Sometimes you just need to eat something delicious, and forget about the calories or whether or not this stuff is good for you. In some ways, because it makes you feel good, that is good enough. Right? Try it tonight!

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