Strawberry Angel Fluff

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This recipe is for Strawberry Angel Fluff, and starts with making an angel food cake from scratch. It is so rare to see recipes for angel food cake that this recipe comes as quite a surprise. Of course, made from scratch this cake is far superior to anything you can buy at the store. And it is a low calorie and low fat cake, although it is high in sugar. Because it is such a light cake, it got the name, food of angels, and later that became the recipe title it has today. This cake is not difficult to make, but does require a bit of understanding of the various stages of beating egg whites. As well, this recipe goes a lot quicker if you have a mixer. It can be made by hand, but it will take some work.

This recipe calls for two angel food cakes, so consider making it with a friend. Each of you can bake one cake and then come together to construct the rest of the cake. Take turns buying the ingredients (because you just know you are going to make this cake again and again). The recipe uses canned strawberries, which are fine, but frozen strawberries that you thaw are much tastier. You can buy them already sugared or, just as a whole berry (then you need to add some sugar to sweeten the berries). As well, the recipe calls for frozen whipped cream, but don’t be afraid to use fresh cream (about 500 mls). After all, if you have taken the time to make two angel food cakes from scratch, what is another two or three minutes beating whipping cream? And the flavor is incomparable.

Try this cake with a friend to make the task a bit easier. Put it together and chill it thoroughly, then bring the families together for a BBQ and a fantastic dessert. Everyone will love it. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Mommy Hates Cooking, by following the link below.

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