Strawberry Bread

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You've heard about banana bread, maybe even zucchini bread, but have you ever heard of strawberry bread before?! Try out this awesome recipe for Strawberry Bread and use up some of your frozen or fresh strawberries in it. Using fruit in bread is nothing new, and people have been doing it for centuries, it is more of a cake than a bread really, at least in my opinion. The bread is sweet and cake like, with a spongy texture, less of a bread texture. This bread also looks so pretty like a cake, a nice, pink colour! It would be so perfect for tea with the girls or for a kid's snack! They would love the bright pink colour!

Other people who tried the recipe, said that they didn't get the bright pink colour like the bread shows in the photos, but the author over at Southern Bite, says that it must be the strawberries she uses, that give it the bright pink colour. The ones she uses may not be available everywhere though, I know I have never really seen that brand here in Canada, so you can just use any frozen strawberries, but it might not turn that pink, if you really want to have that pink colour, you could add some beet juice maybe for natural colour, or of course, red food colouring.

The strawberry bread also must be baked in a lighter coloured pan, as baking in a darker coloured pan burns the bread very easily. You can always cut off the burned pieces, but it would be nice to have no burning at all. This cake would be the perfect spring or summer recipe to make! So make sure you bookmark it or pin it on Pintrest and try it out! Head on over to 'Southern Bite' by following the link in the section below for the recipe and more!

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