Strawberry Cheeecake Stuffed Cookies

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This is a fabulous cookie recipe to make Strawberry Cheeecake Stuffed Cookies. And if you prepare it as our blogger and recipe creator, Amanda, did and recommends you do, the fresh strawberry jam will contribute incomparable flavor and tang to these wonderful cookies. There are many things to recommend about these cookies that ensure this recipe will become a family favorite. First, they are just plain pretty, if you will pardon the oxymoron. The light golden brown of the outside dotted with white chocolate chips (another thing that ensures these cookies will be fabulous) that might just reveal a hint of what is inside. When you bite in, you will immediately recognize the bright flavor of strawberries and cream cheese, a perfect combination of flavor.

These cookies are made with unsalted butter. Splurge and buy a pound of it. There is a significant flavor difference between salted and unsalted butter and many recipes are vastly improved when the unsalted butter is used. This recipe also uses brown sugar (in addition to the white), which gives greater depth of flavor to the cookie as well as eggs that provide a chewiness and additional taste. If you make your own strawberry jam to accompany and fill these cookies, you will be in for a real flavor treat. Try it, since the recipe is so simple. Even if it does not work out, you can still use the jam you make to spoon over yogurt, on toast or even over ice cream. It is a win win experiment.

This is a super recipe that combines some interesting ingredients to make a sophisticated cookie. Your family will love it, no doubt. It will take a bit of time to make, but the effort is always worth the outcome, which will be a great tasting cookie. Try this recipe soon.

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