Strawberry Cobbler

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This Strawberry Cobbler is yet another wonderful cobbler recipe idea. There are many cobbler recipes with all varieties of fruits that get baked into them.

The featured recipe uses fresh strawberries and just a few basic ingredients most bakers would not be without in their pantry. It won't be long and we'll be seeing the local fresh fruits taking their spot in the markets and alongside the imported fruits. Being a bit curious about the history of cobblers I did a little reading on a few informational sites.

Of course when the Pioneers were settling this great land of ours, they were fresh from other places and as they traveled and even when they stopped to settle, there was not necessarily an abundance of fresh fruits.

Lucky ones would find an apple tree somewhere nearby, and of course they may have been wild berries of different varieties. It all depended on what part of the county they ended up in. In warmer climates, there would have been peach trees and some of the other softer fruits. The pioneers were resourceful and did not waste food. The women made their jam preserves and as time went by and more things like jars were readily available, canning was a big part of living. Drying fruits was also a common practice. These folks always needed to prepare for the winter months ahead.

The original cobblers were a 'throw-together' of the baking basics, then they would swirl in whatever sweet thing they may have whether it was some blobs of jam or if fruit were in season, they would use that. Of course whatever fruit was canned became an obvious choice for a cobbler as it also stretched out that one can to feed a lot more mouths.

Aren't we so fortunate that whatever flavor or fruits we are in the mood for we can easily go and buy. Please just click on the Janet's Appalachian Facebook link just below to get to the recipe that Janet is sharing on her Facebook page as she does not have a website.

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