Strawberry Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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This is a wonderful, fresh, and fun dessert that will come together in record time for dinner tonight. The strawberry cookies and cream ice cream cake recipe starts with ice cream sandwiches and then piles on lots of even more yummy things that will make it a smash hit when you serve it to your family. This recipe uses pre-packaged ingredients, which can really be a time saver. That is what makes this recipe such a great choice for when you are just out steam, out of ideas, or out of time, and you have a picnic to go to, a school bake sale to prepare for, or any other event where you promised (yet again) to make something special. This dessert lets you pull that rabbit out of a hat to yet again impress family and friends. You’ll impress yourself, too!

Little hands can help out by helping to crush up the cookies, drizzle on the sauce, or taste test ingredients to ensure they are up to the family standard. This is a fun project This dish is very pretty to look at because of the strawberry sauce that gets drizzled over the top of the white and bright other ingredients. It takes only a few minutes in the freezer since you start with ice cream sandwiches that are already frozen. Everyone loves that chocolate taste and it goes really well with the strawberry. The price is right for this lovely dessert that can serve as a snack in-between meals. It is quick, easy, and convenient and a great way to serve up something delicious without straining the budget.

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