Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread

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This recipe makes a lovely quick Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread. The title tells you just what makes this quick bread so special. Strawberries and cream cheese are a scrumptious combination of ingredients that will yield both great taste and moist texture to this quick bread. Strawberries are always a fabulous addition to almost any dish. Their pretty red color and their slightly firm texture, even when cooked, adds a nice bite to every dish they are in. Cream cheese, with its rich and buttery as well as slightly tangy flavor is a great addition to this quick bread. It gives moistness to the bread, and underscores the flavor in the strawberries.

This is a quick and easy bread to make. The most work likely involves chopping the strawberries. Blend quick breads by hand, to help ensure a good rise. Over blending of quick breads can make doughs tough and limit their rise. The recipe calls for kosher salt, but if you only ordinary salt, use that. Buttermilk also helps to emphasize the tangy nature of this bread, and also to ensure that is turns out as moist and delicious as it can.

Some times we can think that to have a sweet bread, cookie or cake means abandoning all nutritional value in favor of a treat. But good nutrition and delicious taste can go hand in hand. This recipe is a great example where good foods including the strawberries, cream cheese, and even the eggs in this recipe offer lots of wholesome flavor and are great for you, too. So enjoy this bread, and let the kids eat plenty of it. You will love how it looks, and more, be glad that something this nutritious also tastes delicious. Enjoy it soon.

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