Strawberry Cream Cheese Icebox Cake Recipe

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This strawberry cream cheese icebox cake recipe will delight your family and give you a chance to show off your culinary expertise. But this cake is still a quick and easy surprise to pull together. It uses some commercial foods to make the whole job come together easily. Young bakers might want to take on the challenge of this cake. It will provide them with great practice in blending and layering while not having to use the oven for a single step. Still, the resulting cake is fabulous to behold and will bring them plenty of “Hey, thanks!” from the family and friends you serve it to. Try it today.

This cake layers graham wafers, fresh strawberries and a cream blend. Chocolate plays a role, too, of course, to make this cake really special to eat and spectacular to look at. The hardest part might be ensuring that the strawberries are pitted and chopped small enough to easily be layered. If you enlist little helpers, their reward could be a small bowl of the cream mix with some strawberries in it. It is fully edible and needs no baking. Give them a graham wafer to dip in, and they will be happy to watch and munch while you create and layer!

Strawberries are best served during the summer months when they are freshest, but they are generally also available year round in your supermarket. Of course, you will also likely pay a lot more for them in the winter months when they come from greenhouses or are shipped from a distance, and you will also not get the same flavor as when you buy them fresh from your local market or get them yourself from a U-pick. However you get them, though, strawberries are a wonderful fruit full of rich, juicy flavor and loved by almost everyone. Enjoy this lovely dessert today.

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