Strawberry Dream Scones

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A big thank you to Kathi from Deliciously Yum for this Strawberry Dream Scones recipe. This is a delicious and beautiful recipe for strawberry scones that you can make anytime that you feel like a sweet strawberry treat. Healthy scone recipes are quite abundant on the internet, as they are the perfect type of recipe to make for any occasion. There are so many different kinds of scone recipes like this strawberry scone recipe, as well as blueberry scones, sour cream scones, and cheese scones. These lovely little biscuit-like snacks are perfect for serving as a snack, or as a breakfast option, or for a dessert treat. Many people enjoy scones from cafes that serve them typically with tea and coffee. So instead of pulling out your favourite pancake, waffle or french toast recipe, why not try out a scone recipe for your next breakfast or brunch meal?

Scones are a lovely little personal cake or biscuit style of pastry. They are made with barley, wheat or oatmeal flour with baking soda but uses no yeast. Some scone recipes are sweetened slightly with sugar like this recipe for strawberry scones. Originally, scones were created much like a bannock bread, which is a simple bread recipe that involves a simple mixture of flour and water with a little bit of salt sometimes. The original scones that were made in Scotland, were created by filling up a whole baking pan with the dough, baking it and then cutting it into triangular pieces. At that time, they were not as puffy and fluffy as the scones we see today, this was because they didn't add in any baking soda. But once baking soda was available, people began to add it in as a part of their recipes. The baking soda is the leavening agent that makes the scones we see today as fluffy and light.

As for the star ingredient, the strawberries, just what nutrients are in strawberries and what is the basic nutritional value of strawberries? Strawberries are low in overall calories with just around 32 calories per 100 grams of strawberries. On top of that, in this small caloric intake comes a high nutrient cocktail. The basic nutritional value of strawberries provide phyto nutrients, minerals, fiber and vitamins and are vital for overall health. For the highest nutritional value of strawberries be sure to choose organic fresh strawberries which are not grown or processed in chemicals that can be bad for overall health.

Scones can also be made by frying the dough in a pan with hot oil, much like you would fry up a pancake. This method of making scones is called the drop method, because you just take a small scoop of the scone dough and drop it into some oil to fry. This particular strawberry scone recipe says to bake the strawberry scones in the oven on a baking sheet. Kathi also says that you can use different berries for this scone recipe, which makes it versatile enough to be able to use any kind of berries that you might have on hand. The dough is cut into nice triangular shapes so you will have lovely little triangle berry scones. Once they are out of the oven, the scones get drizzled with a delicious looking pink, strawberry frosting, that would just add that extra little bit of sweetness to the scone recipe. Make sure you give this healthy scone recipe a try and see how you and your family like it, perhaps it will become a regular favourite. You can also try out many other great recipes on the Deliciously Yum recipe filled website. Just browse around for some easy strawberry desserts and other easy dessert recipes !*

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