Strawberry Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

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This Strawberry Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe is the perfect dessert recipe to try using fresh strawberries. This strawberry frosted sugar cookie bars are so thick and chewy the whole family will love them. For this comfort dessert, you want to make sure and not overcook the sugar cookie recipe because they’ll be too dry, so you want to be sure and just barely brown the edges. Some of the ingredients you will need for this strawberry frosted sugar cookie recipe include fresh strawberries, softened butter, vanilla and sour cream. It always helps to use the best vanilla you can it adds to the flavor, along with the fat in the butter making for a rich sugar cookie recipe. Once this cookie recipe is baked, you can make the yummy strawberry frosting recipe to spread on top. The fresh strawberries frosting recipe has just the right amount of strawberry flavor. To make the fresh strawberries frosting recipe you’ll start by making a quick strawberry puree by blending up some fresh strawberries. Then you need to heat up the fresh strawberries puree to thicken it and concentrate the flavor. Later you’ll mix everything up, the fresh strawberries puree, and the other ingredients for a delicious topping for this comfort dessert recipe.

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. There is just so much to love about this sweet fruit. Fresh strawberries are sweet, juicy and delicious and perfect just eaten on their own, or as an addition to all sorts of fresh strawberries recipes. The first garden strawberry variety was grown in Brittany, France during the late 18th century. Before this time, wild strawberries were cultivated strawberry from wild strawberry varieties that were the common sources of the popular fruit. Fresh strawberries were a fruit that was first mentioned in ancient Roman literature talking about them for medicinal uses. The strawberry plant was then taken by the French from the forests to their gardens for harvest in the 1300s. France's King at the time from 1364 to 1380, Charles V, had over 1,200 strawberry plants in his royal garden. Monks from western Europe in the early 1400s were using the wild strawberry in their illuminated manuscripts. The strawberry plant can also be found in Flemish, Italian, German art, and English miniatures. The nutritional value of strawberries for fresh strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, with lesser amounts of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and protein.

Thank you to Aimee and her mother Ellen from the "Like Mother Like Daughter" recipe site for sharing this fresh strawberries frosting and sugar cookies recipes. This is just one of the comfort dessert recipes you will find on the site. Aimee started this recipe blog so that she and her mother could have a way of sharing their favorite recipes despite living in different states. Aimee's love for cooking grew from there as she made a goal to try one new recipe every week. And now cooking had become a huge part of her life. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include appetizer recipes, bread recipes, breakfast recipes, chicken recipes, dip recipes, fresh strawberries recipes and more. Some of the fresh strawberries recipes you will find on the site include a berry salsa recipe, berry and cream crepes recipe, a blackberry peach crisp recipe and more. **

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