Strawberry Ice Box Cake

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Are you craving a refreshing dessert that will delight your taste buds and beat back the heat. Strawberry Icebox Cake is the deliciously chilly dessert that is easy to make! This recipe is brought to you by Sprinkle Some Sugar, a foodie dessert blog by Jess. A stay at home mom with a self-prescribed obsession with desserts, Jess shares her favorite recipes that are sure to make anyone's day that much sweeter. Her recipes are no-fuss and easy to follow, so we can satisfy our cravings any time with a delicious dessert and have fun doing it.

Let's get down to cake. It is a simple recipe of 3 common ingredients, strawberries, crackers, and cool whip being the chief taste bud busters. It's an ice box dessert cake, which means all you need to do is to layer the ingredients on a baking dish and let it sit in the freezer. No oven required! And then add a little garnish and frosting and voila: the perfect refreshing dessert.

Ice box cakes are stable favourites of cake aficionados for special occasions, and they aren't technically even cakes! These desserts achieve cake-like texture without the use of ovens, so they stay cold and are ready for immediate serving. Common to ice-box cakes are the layered cream and crackers. Once they sit in the freezer - or the 'ice box' - for a couple of hours or overnight, the crackers absorb the moisture from the cream and they mix and create a moist and chewy cake texture. And you can vary the texture with different kinds of crackers and substitute cream for custard: ice box cakes are so hassle-free to make and easy to tinker with that you can create the perfect ice box dessert to satisfy whatever your craving. I recommend keeping the strawberries on top: they are juicy, healthy, and adds a beautiful dose of red to the cake.We are certain that you willlove this dessert, and have fun making it.

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