Strawberry Jello Fluff Salad

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Sometimes the simplest of dessert recipes are the ones that end up making their way into our hearts like this delicious Strawberry Jello Fluff Salad recipe. This strawberry fluff recipe is a cool and creamy fruit salad loaded with real strawberries, strawberry jello and a few slices of bananas tossed in just because both bananas and strawberries make a wonderful combination. When you eat this strawberry fluff, you will experience one thing for sure; it will instantly pick you up and may even remind you of your childhood days when you gorged on those yummy strawberry popsicles. With just as little as seven ingredients, this delectable strawberry fluff dessert is like a splash of refreshing fruity flavor bursting in your mouth. This recipe is one of the best quick no bake desserts ideal for picnic and potluck or even for tea time or brunch. Berry flavor desserts whether strawberries or blueberries have a great way of striking that excellent balance between sweet and tart and leave you craving for more. Plus, it’s also a great way of cutting down the refined sugar by adding some of that natural sweetness that comes from fruits and fresh strawberries in this case. The marshmallows add to the taste and the creaminess as well. Did you know that marshmallows contain practically no fat? However, they are high in carbohydrates.

Strawberries are filled with anti-oxidants, and its nutritional value mainly comes from vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and fiber. Strawberries are low in calories and can be consumed not just in dessert recipes but in salads as well. What is a better reason other than the nutritional value of strawberries to make more such wonderful desserts? Incorporating fruity flavors in dessert recipes is not only creative but healthy too. For an extra dash of strawberry flavor use a few drops of pure strawberry extract or dehydrated strawberry powder if you like. The possibilities are endless with this versatile recipe!

A healthier alternative for ‘Cool Whip’ in this recipe is to use heavy whipping cream with a cane or organic sugar. For extra stiffness, add a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding when you’re whipping the cream. Adding instant vanilla pudding prevents the watery texture in the whipping cream making it firm which is something you want in this recipe. You can also use condensed milk with organic whipping cream or try beating cream cheese together with sugar. If you wish to make vanilla pudding from scratch, it is very easy to do it. All you need is eggs, plain milk or heavy cream, cornstarch and sugar. Just beat them together on the stove top and cook until it thickens. Then add vanilla extract and let it cook a little more until the pudding is thick. You’ll begin to smell the delicious vanilla scent and notice thick pudding texture all in under fifteen minutes. Making homemade pudding will not only taste better but also it is a healthier option compared to instant pudding mix that has artificial flavors and not to mention preservatives in it.

Thank you to the sisters who created Six Sisters Stuff recipe blog and for sharing this sweet and tangy Strawberry Jello Fluff Salad recipe with us. Do visit their blog for more quick dessert recipes that are easy on your budget but taste fantastic. This strawberry fluff recipe is one-of-a-kind because it’s a popular traditional dessert, the kind that grandma makes. It’s going to tickle your palate in a new way so don’t be surprised if you go for a second helping. Treat your loved ones to this very berry dessert today!

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