Strawberry Jello Poke Cake

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Strawberry Jello Poke Cake is one of those desserts you make that are silly and fun and that a beginning cook can pull together without much help in the kitchen. Most of the ingredients are commercial and pre-packaged so you can expect success by following the simple instructions. Then you just put the whole thing together, chill it awhile for best flavor, and voila! Strawberry jello poke cake.

This site is called chef in training and for this recipe, at least, the moniker is a good one. This recipe gives a pretty result that is good enough for picnics and any family get togethers. A young cook will get plenty of accolades and thanks for pulling this one off, and that’s great encouragement to go on to bigger and better culinary efforts. If your young baker is a bit more enterprising and adventurous, have him or her make the whipped cream from scratch, and flavor it with some unique extracts or blends. Vanilla is a fabulous extract to add, but you could also boil down the strawberries with a bit of sugar to make a concentrate and add that to the whipped cream at the very end of whipping it (or just fold it in to the commercial whip). Zest from an orange can also add great depth of flavor to this dish. Or why not try mint?

Strawberries are a wonderfully versatile dish. They can be served successfully seasoned with pepper (true) or covered in chocolate. They can be eaten raw, stewed, fresh or frozen. They blend well in to cake or fruit tarts. They have plenty of nutrition, too. Get your young baker on to this recipe, and enjoy some strawberry jello poke cake after dinner tonight!

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