Strawberry Layer Cake

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Does anything say summer more than a strawberry layer cake? Even though we are moving into fall your family will certainly enjoy the fresh tangy and tart flavor of the strawberries. Sugar, contrasts sharply and perfectly against the whipped cream topping. A lovely cake, made in layers, and with whipped cream and strawberries in the middle, soak the cake with even more flavor and dee-lish taste. Every one loves this dessert, and it works equally well for a casual dinner as it does for when your finest guests come to dinner and the good silver ware and fine china are out on the table.

Strawberries are the number one choice for berries in North America. No other berry comes close to the popularity of this ripe red fruit. It is also chock full of nutrition, loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients. Strawberries are also a great source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. They are low in calories—actually, calories in this pretty fruit are almost non-existent—low in fat and also cholesterol. So enjoy these berries often. This recipe uses the strawberries cut up in very thin pieces, but you could consider taking about one-half of the berries and sprinkling them with sugar. The sugar pulls the juice out of the berries and will make a lovely juice that can soak in to the cake and make it more delicious.

The cake is made from scratch so it will bring plenty of flavor to this dessert. Nothing beats home made cake, and this recipe is great. It uses plenty of vanilla in the cake itself, which is a fabulous flavoring, then repeats the flavor—and so emphasizes it—in the whipped cream. Vanilla is a perfect complement to the strawberries, too. The whipped cream is fresh, real cream, which is the best cream you could use for strawberry layer cake. This is a fabulous dessert that is always welcomed by every one at the table.

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