Strawberry Marshmallow Cupcakes

Photo Credit: The Baker Upstairs

Need a sweet treat for a birthday party or just a fun dessert for any occasion? Try out these Strawberry Marshmallow Cupcakes! These look so darling, and would be absolutely perfect for a little or grown up girl's birthday! They look and sound like the perfect princess cupcake that girls and probably guys of all ages would absolutely love! Alicia from The Baker Upstairs, shares this great recipe with us from her blog. She did a fabulous job of these cupcakes and they look absolutely picture perfect with the pink icing and the marshmallow heart on the top, lightly dusted in icing sugar!

She made them for Valentines Day, how perfect! She made them up for her daughter's second grade class and nothing could be more perfect than these. I actually remember in grade school having something that was much like this, with the marshmallow and icing. Kids and adults alike would absolutely go crazy for these awesome little cupcakes! They are made with a simple vanilla cupcake recipe, that is injected with marshmallow whip cream that you can buy in the store already made, so that saves you a step right there. Then they are topped with a lovely, light strawberry buttercream icing that would be super yummy and then finished off with the cutesy little marshmallow heart on top!

She even made the heart marshmallows out of large marshmallows and a fondant cutter! How awesome! She said her kids and the kids in her daughter's class went crazy for these sweet cupcakes. Who wouldn't?! I know I would LOVE to try one out myself! Do I have to wait for Valentines Day?! You don't have to wait if you make them yourself by trying this recipe out. Make sure you pin it on Pintrest to save it for later too! Head over to 'The Baker Upstairs' for more by clicking on the link in the section below for more!

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