Strawberry Pie Bars

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How often do you bake each week? Once a week? Twice? For Sunday dinners? Strawberry Pie Bars are being featured in this dessert. In essence the recipe has a cake type of batter that forms the bars and a cream cheese glaze that is piped onto the top in diagonal stripes. This dessert is done in a 9x13-inch baking dish. These types of desserts are especially easy to bake as they do not require much fussing.

Baking a homemade dessert is an important process in lots of households. For busy moms that have families to feed, you are always on the lookout for recipes to try out. This is the kind of dessert that a great choice for potlucks or family dinner get-togethers.

We love to have family dinners and when we do we like to 'share up the load' and each family that is coming gets to decide what they want to bring. So, if there are four groups coming, someone says they will supply the dessert, someone else the meat dish , another the salad and dressing or veggies and dip and another family will bring a main vegetable dish.

I must say, we did not always do our dinners this way and for the family member hosting, it was a ton of work to do all the preparation on their own for the occasions, be it a birthday, or whatever. This system has made the planning fun too as we as a family will decide on the theme of the meal then execute it. This method is less burden financially on just the hosting home. It can be pretty expensive to be feeding 10-14 people!

The other thing that makes meal times fun at our houses is clean up time! When the food is eaten, everyone, including the men in our family clear the table, wash and dry the dishes, or load the dishwasher and divide up any leftovers for whoever wants some. We never dread the family meals because this team effort is always filled with catch-up-conversation and fun.

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