Strawberry Pretzel Jello Dessert

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One way to ensure this strawberry pretzel jello dessert turns out well is to chill everything as much as possible before adding the liquid jello to the mixture. That way the ingredients in the pan will have firmed up quite a bit, and the jello liquid will, hopefully, have cooled somewhat. Then, when you pour the jello over the pan mixture, the cooler jello will not work so hard to seep into the pan mixture. And the pan mixture will be chilled and so firmer and more resistant to seepage. Of course, if it all seeps together, who cares? This dish will still taste yummy, and likely no one will turn their culinary nose up because of a bit of leaking!

This dish does blend salty and sweet, two flavors that contrast nicely, and two of the five flavors (or six, depending on what culture you come from) that form the basic taste flavors. They include salty and sweet, but also bitter, umami, and sour. Some cultures also include piquant, and we probably should start to do so, too, given how many of our recipes now include spicy ingredients. But here, it is just two flavors, salty and sweet, that bring this recipe together.

This is an easy to make recipe that deserves to be put together in a glass dish. It is made in layers that are pretty and contrasting and so work well in a clear dish. It can also probably be made in individual serving dishes for extra impact, or if you’re serving it to special guests. But it is still a quick, cheap and easy dish to make, and affordable for most. Make it today, and try it out on your family for supper tonight. They will ask for it often, especially in the hot summer months.

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