Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Frosting

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This Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Frosting recipe is a quick and easy one to make and it can serve multiple purposes for you. This strawberry sheet cake with lemon frosting recipe is mostly made from scratch with a bit of a flavor boost from some strawberry flavored gelatin. If you have vegetarians coming for dinner, be sure to let them know that you have used gelatin in the mix, because most vegetarians will not eat that particular product. This is a great strawberry sheet cake with lemon frosting recipe filled with lots of good ingredients. One thing that you will notice is that unsalted butter is used. That really changes the flavor and character of whatever dish it is used in, and makes the creamy nature, especially of sweets, really shine through. And since this strawberry sheet cake recipe has lots of cream in it, unsalted butter is the perfect complementary choice to go with it.

This strawberry sheet cake recipe also calls for lots of fresh lemon juice. Try and use the juice from fresh squeezed lemons. The flavor is entirely different, even if you choose to buy organic lemon juice. There is just no flavor that comes close to what you can get out of squeezing a lemon when it is fresh. And since this recipe is also made with fresh strawberries, why not pair them with fresh lemons, too? You and your family are worth it.

This cake has a really terrific and delicious icing that is also easy to make. You can bring in the up and coming baker in the family, and let him or her put this one together. It is a simple blending of cream cheese and real cream together with more strawberries to give the icing fabulous flavor, color and taste. So let your new baker try his or her hand at this project. They will have plenty of almost guaranteed results and everyone will be happy to compliment the baker on his or her efforts.

This cake is made as a sheet cake, but like almost all cakes, this strawberry cake and lemon frosting can also be made as a layer cake. This cake might also make a fabulous special occasion cake, whether it is for a birthday, or anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or other days when the family gathers to celebrate different events and occasions. So keep this recipe book marked and draw on it whenever you want to make something very special for the people that you love and care about. So let your young baker get busy and you get busy, too, and together you can make something very special for dinner for tonight. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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