Strawberry Shortcake Bars

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Make way in your tummy for these fabulous summer treats. These Strawberry Shortcake Bars include plenty of fresh fruit for tangy and light flavor and a great cookie base that comes together quickly and easily. This recipe is easy enough for beginners, so get the kids together and have fun making this dessert together. This recipe’s creator recommends putting this treat in the freezer in the summer so that it serves up very cold and fresh. Sounds like a great idea. So the little hands that help will have to be satisfied with the extra cookies (you bought extra cookies, right?) and strawberries (you did buy extra, right?) that you can serve them in payment for all their good help.

There are three layers to this sweet treat. These Strawberry Shortcake Bars start with a cookie base that the kids can make for you (with perhaps a bit of help from the head of the kitchen detail!). The middle is a lovely combination of strawberries, cream cheese and pure cream. That means it will be rich and delicious and have plenty of strawberry taste. Strawberries are the most popular berries in the USA, with blueberries a close favored second. Strawberries are ranked as one of the world’s best sources for antioxidants, but they need to be eaten at their best and freshest. Try to pick strawberries at your local U-pick or buy them from roadside stands where they will likely have been picked only the day before you buy them. This recipe tops with a bit of sprinkle that adds more texture and puts a pretty finish on these Strawberry Shortcake Bars.

Try this recipe soon, and see if you and your family don’t just adore the bright flavor of berries and the smooth and creamy taste of cream cheese and cream.

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