Strawberry Shortcake Cake Roll

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Do you have a lot of fresh strawberries on hand, but don’t know what to do with them? Of course, you can always eat them as is, but this showstopping strawberry shortcake cake roll recipe will give you a new, decadent way of eating sweet berries. Similar to jelly roll recipes, this fresh strawberry cake combines sponge cake with cream and fresh strawberries. The simplicity of this cake recipe makes it the perfect dish to prepare during the week, but its appearance is so elegant, that it would also work well for a gathering.

Cake baking is a science and sponge cake recipes have a technique all to themselves. Traditionally in sponge cake recipes, you would have the egg white and yolks separate and whip each individually to build air into the cake. For this reason, other ingredients like baking powder and baking soda aren’t traditionally used in sponge cakes. In the case of this vanilla sponge cake recipe, however, the process is much easier, because you whip the eggs whole until pale yellow and thickened, and baking powder is incorporated for some extra lift. If you aren’t a fan of complicated recipes that require separating eggs, this sponge cake recipe will be the one for you, because of how easy it is to prepare. This cake recipe calls for a jelly roll pan, which allows you to create the perfect sized cake roll every time. Many people don’t own jelly roll pans, though, so if you happen to not have one, you could substitute with the same size rimmed baking sheet instead. Never over bake a jelly roll, or else the cake will be dry. Just bake the cake long enough that it looks set and springs back when you touch it in the center.

Although you may be tempted to purchase prepared sponge cake shells from the grocery store as a vehicle for berries and cream, this fresh strawberry cake is a unique take strawberry shortcake recipes. For one thing, this cake recipe’s assembly is completely different from other strawberry cake recipes, but it also contains a different kind of cream. The whipped cream is stabilized with a generous amount of cream cheese and granulated sugar, which gives this cake recipe a tanginess that will compliment the strawberries perfectly. Since cream cheese is used in the whipped cream recipe, it means that this cake should keep in the refrigerator for at least one day before the cream starts to fall.

Next time you are wondering what to cook for a dinner party or about birthday cakes for kids, prepare this elegant strawberry cake recipe. With its easy methods, familiar flavors, and gorgeous appearance, everyone will love this dessert recipe. This cake recipe slices easily and has a pretty whipped cream and strawberry center that will appeal to everyone, and when strawberries are out of season, you could substitute with another variety of fruit. Thank you to the ‘Crazy For Crust’ blog author, Dorothy, for showing us how to make her strawberry shortcake cake roll recipe.**

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