Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

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You will love this Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes Recipe. The cupcakes are a dense and sweet pound cake that is filled with a whole strawberry then topped with some whipped cream frosting. It's your very own mini strawberry shortcake cupcake. If you can get fresh strawberries, you can make this cupcake recipe at any time of year. This cupcake recipe is a great addition to dessert tables and for when you have guests over. The whole strawberry makes this dessert recipe a healthy treat, and the topping of whipped cream makes it not too sweet. The recipe found on 'The Lady Behind the Curtain' will show you the way you will get that full strawberry inside the cupcake. Of course, you will need fresh strawberries for this dessert recipe, along with all the ingredients for the cupcake recipe and the whipped cream frosting recipe. The addition of cream cheese in the whipped cream makes this frosting rich and creamy. You'll start the cupcake recipe first, by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then lining your cupcake tin with cupcake liners. This cupcake recipe makes 36 cupcakes, a great amount if you have friends and family over.

Typically a cupcake recipe uses the same standard ingredients as does a cake recipe. Ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Most any cake recipe that works for a layer cake can be used to bake cupcakes. The cake batter recipe used for cupcakes can be flavored or have other ingredients stirred in, ingredients such as berries, chocolate chips or chocolate chips. Becuase a cupcake is smaller in size it is more efficient for heat conduction, which makes them bake much quicker than a normal layered cake. Cupcakes can be topped with frosting or other cake decorations of your choice. Cupcakes can be filled with frosting, pastry cream, whipped cream or fruit. Some bakers will insert a pastry bag into the middle of a cupcake to add fillings. You will also find decorated cupcakes made for special occasions.

There is so much to love about the sweet fruit strawberry. Sweet, juicy and delicious it is good just eaten on its own, or as an addition to all sorts of recipes. The first actual garden strawberry was grown in Brittany, France during the late 18th century. Before this, wild strawberries and cultivated strawberry varieties from wild strawberry species were the common sources of the fruit. The strawberry is a fruit that was first mentioned in ancient Roman literature talking about its medicinal use. The French began taking the strawberry plant from the forests to their gardens for harvest in the 1300s. France's King from 1364 to 1380, Charles V, had over 1,200 strawberry plants in his royal garden. In the early 1400s, monks from western Europe were using the wild strawberry in their illuminated manuscripts. The strawberry can also be found in Italian, Flemish, German art, and English miniatures. The entire strawberry plant was also used to treat depressive illnesses.

You will find this cupcake recipe on the Lady Behind the Curtain recipe site. The site was created by Sheryl, who strongly believes that one of the best ways to express our love for each other is through food. Not a bad philosophy! She strives to give the busy homemaker easy solutions for entertaining. You'll find all sorts of recipes from holiday and birthday recipes to everyday little celebration recipe ideas.

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