Strawberry Shortcake Fluff Salad

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Fresh strawberries and angel food cake make this Strawberry Shortcake Fluff Salad Recipe the perfect addition to any easy desserts table. This fresh strawberry cake recipe is an easy dessert recipes you can feel good about with all those strawberries you are sure to get at least one serving of fruit into your day. Any time fresh strawberries are added to an easy strawberry desserts recipes you can feel good about it with all the nutritional value of strawberries that you know you are getting. Some of the ingredients in this easy strawberry desserts recipe include pudding mix, mini marshmallows, angel food cake and fresh strawberries. Using pudding mix in this easy dessert recipes is a great way to save time and enjoy the day.

You can never have too many easy strawberry desserts. Fresh strawberries are always a welcome addition to easy desserts and easy strawberry dessert recipes. Some of the recipes you will find fresh strawberries include strawberry cheesecake recipe, easy strawberry desserts, fruit salad, pie recipes, strawberry smoothies and more. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world and its no wonder as not only do they taste good but their is plenty of nutritional value of strawberries to enjoy. Fresh strawberries are a sweet, juicy and delicious fruit that is perfect just eaten on its own, or as an addition to all sorts of fresh strawberries recipes. The first garden strawberry variety was initially grown in Brittany, France during the late 18th century. Before this time, wild strawberries were cultivated from wild strawberry varieties that were the common sources of the popular colorful fruit. Fresh strawberries were a fruit that was first mentioned in ancient Roman literature talking about them for medicinal uses. Nutrition facts on strawberries include the fact that they are an excellent source of Vitamin C, with lesser amounts of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and protein. You will find fresh strawberries in all sorts of fresh strawberry cake recipes, easy strawberry desserts, easy strawberry dessert recipes, easy dessert recipes and more. With the nutritional value of strawberries, you can always feel good about eating this colorful berry. Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy strawberries is on their own with fresh strawberries all by themselves. It's always a good time of year when fresh strawberries are in season.

Thank you to Jocelyn at the Inside BruCrew Life recipe blog for sharing this easy strawberry dessert recipe for strawberry shortcake fluff salad. Jocelyn is the baker, photographer, and writer behind the site. She is a wife and mother of three children. On her recipe blog, you will find plenty of sugar recipe and treats recipes. Occasionally she likes to throw out a dinner recipe and surprise her readers. Most days you will find her in my kitchen baking cookie recipes, easy desserts or cupcake recipes. She believes in cake mixes and using lots of sprinkles. Some of the recipes you will find on her site include dessert recipes, easy strawberry desserts, main dish recipes, side dish recipes, drink recipes, breakfast recipes, bread recipes and more. Some of the easy strawberry desserts you will find on the site include strawberry mousse cake recipe, strawberry shortcake muddy buddies, strawberry chocolate chip bundt cake recipe and more. **

Nutrition Facts of Strawberry Shortcake Fluff Salad from Inside BruCrew Life
Ingredients: Instant strawberry creme pudding mix, milk, Cool Whip, mini marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings *Per Serving Calories 521, Calories from Fat 81, Total Fat 9.0g (14%), Saturated Fat 6.7g (33%), Cholesterol 2mg (1%), Sodium 1160mg (48%), Potassium 197mg (6%), Carbohydrates 103.5g (34%), Dietary Fiber 2.6g (10%), Sugars 23.6g, Protein 9.2g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 35%, Calcium 22%, Iron 5%.

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