Strawberry Spinach Salad

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Strawberry and spinach salad may seem ordinary at first glance, but by using fresh, in-season ingredients, and a homemade dressing, it moves from a basic salad to something extraordinary in a short span of time. The best salads are ones that can contrast textures and flavours, and this strawberry spinach salad recipe does just that. This spinach salad recipe contains leafy spinach leaves, soft and sweet strawberries, plus crisp pecans. With a tangy, easy healthy salad dressing, this easy salad recipe becomes over-the-top delicious. If you are looking for a salad to use as a main dish, consider topping with some seasoned grilled chicken, but this salad will work just as well as a side. Just make sure you don’t dress all the salad at once to ensure that the greens stay crisp and don’t wilt.

Strawberry spinach salad recipes usually have a poppyseed dressing to them, but this recipe adds a flavourful twist by incorporating a pomegranate vinaigrette with the other dressing ingredients. The addition of the pomegranate vinaigrette gives the homemade dressing recipe a light pink hue and a fruit and tangy flavour. Pomegranate vinaigrettes are becoming easier to find in the stores and brands, like Marzetti Simply Dressed, can be purchased from the salad section of many grocery stores. If you can’t find a prepared pomegranate vinaigrette, however, you may have to prepare your own. To make it simple, just mix ¼ cup of pomegranate juice with two tablespoons of red wine vinegar. This juice and vinegar mixture will add up to the third cup of pomegranate vinaigrette the strawberry salad recipe calls for and all the other ingredients will round out the flavours into a truly tasty dressing.

Simple salad recipes, like this spinach salad recipe, are excellent, because they require few ingredients and are fast to prepare. This easy salad recipe requires only three ingredients, plus what is needed to make the dressing, which means you can make it any day of the week, even at the last minute, provided you have the ingredients on hand. The fact that this salad recipe includes nutrient-rich spinach is another reason you should make this strawberry spinach salad recipe because one cup of cooked spinach alone contains good amounts of at least twenty-three different nutrients. Spinach contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help slow down the production of cancerous cells. Spinach is also the second-leading vegetable, after kale, to contain vitamin K, which is crucial to bone health by helping prevent bone deterioration. Often spinach doesn’t seem worthwhile to purchase and cook, because it wilts down to less than half of its original amount, but by using it in a raw preparation, you can be sure to get your money’s worth. This strawberry salad recipe will seem like a filling side dish option, and the creamy, tangy dressing will turn this dish into the most satisfying salad you have ever eaten. Thank you to Anna and Linda, the authors of ‘Blessed Beyond Crazy’ recipe and lifestyle blog, for sharing their healthy and refreshing strawberry spinach salad recipe.**

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