Strawberry Triple Layer Cake

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A lovely strawberry triple layer cake is a cake that is not made as often as it should be for the lovely, sweet and yet subtle flavor that this cake recipe produces. Although this cake begins in a cake mix and jello, this big strawberry triple layer cake recipe ends with plenty of beautiful and ripe, fresh strawberries generously used in the cake mix, the strawberry frosting, and sprinkled on top as the coup de grace. That means loads of strawberry flavor tingling throughout this pretty cake. And if you want to see just how pretty this strawberry triple layer cake turns out to be, just check the site, Gonna Want Seconds (a great name for a website), where there are any number of super photos that illustrate what you could be making for supper tonight.

Strawberries are a fabulous fruit. Natural strawberries are a very tiny fruit and can be difficult to find since they only grow in the wild. But if you can find some of them, and taste them, you will see just how tangy and fresh this pretty fruit can be. Even the hybrid and much larger strawberries that we now eat, when grown on the back porch in baskets, produce plenty of fabulous fruit. And many of these vines and bushes are ever bearing varieties, which means they can produce berries for a very long time (not forever, as their name might imply) before they need to go dormant for a period of rest. So consider growing your own strawberries in order to make lovely desserts such as this strawberry triple layer cake recipe. Of course, you can always head to the local farmer’s market and buy some berries that will likely be pretty fresh, or head out to the local U-pick for an afternoon of fun, picking and eating strawberries yourself (and with your family of course!). In whatever way that you do it, collecting and eating strawberries is a perfect way to while away an early summer’s day (which is when berries ripen).

This cake recipe, because it draws on a commercial cake mix, is very easy to make, so bring in the pinch hitters to put it together for you, whenever you want it made. There are a lot of strawberries to chop and prepare for this cake, so you can help out with that end of the work, if you like. But new bakers will likely be happy to do even that work for themselves. So enjoy this strawberry triple layer cake recipe when berries are at their best, in early June or so in most places, and welcome the summer with this pretty offering. You and your kids will enjoy this cake!

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