Strawberry Twists

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Thank you to Kathi, author of ‘Deliciously Yum’ recipe blog, for showing us her strawberry twists recipe using fresh strawberries. Kathi adapts this strawberry twist recipe from her cinnamon bun dough and eats somewhere between a cinnamon bun and a Danish pastry. For a beginner baker, it is not necessarily one of the easy desserts out there, but simple dessert recipes are not always the most rewarding in the end. It has the fluffiness of a cinnamon bun, but the fruity filling that a Danish normally has. For a sweet breakfast or brunch recipe option, this easy strawberry bun recipe has a not-too-sweet pastry and a bright, thickened strawberry compote, that’s almost like a jam. The strawberry filling recipe makes this dish; it balances the sweet and tartness of the strawberries perfectly and has just enough cornstarch to set it up, but isn’t too thick.

In terms of dessert recipes, this strawberry pastry recipe takes some time to make and is best fresh, but the good news is you can safely store them at room temperature for a few days or in the freezer for a few weeks, and they should still taste delicious. This glaze recipe is a classic combination of icing sugar and milk, and can you can easily adjust it with more milk or sugar for a thinner or thicker consistency. For glazing, it’s easy enough to lift some glaze with the tines of a fork and drizzle over the pastries, but for a more refined look, consider placing the glaze in a sandwich bag, snipping the tip, and lightly drizzling over top. Be sure to cut a small hole so that you can drizzle a thin stream and not make a mess of your already baked strawberry twists recipe. Watch out quick dessert recipes and get ready to amazed with this fantastic fresh strawberry twist recipe.

Strawberries are beyond compare when they are in season, sun-warmed off the bush and oozing with juice. If strawberries aren’t in season where you live, opt for freezer berries in your strawberry pastry recipe because they will have a deeper flavour than the fresh option at your local grocery store. Kathi even developed this strawberry twist recipe with frozen strawberries because she had frozen batches the previous summer to display in her desserts. In the summer, consider batch-freezing strawberries in your deep freezer so that you can do the same and make this comforting strawberry twist recipe to enjoy for breakfast or brunch. For an easy freezer strawberry recipe, just wash and hull the berries, and dry very well. Place the berries in freezer bags and place in the freezer. Unless you know what strawberry recipes you’re going to make with them, always freeze your berries whole because they can be sliced to form later when you need them. What nutrients are in strawberries you may ask? It is easy to determine what nutrients are in strawberries with a simple search. The nutritional value of strawberries is high, particularly if you choose strawberries that are grown organically, which will not have the coating of pesticides. The nutritional value of strawberries that are grown in pesticides and using non-organic farming processing is vastly undermined with the addition of chemicals. In general, the nutritional value of strawberries as a food is very low in in the fat we should have the least of, saturated fat, also there is no cholesterol and they are low in sodium. It is also a good source of folate and potassium, and a very good source of dietary Fiber, vitamin C and manganese. A strawberry serving size of 152 grams has 49 calories and 3 grams of fiber. So whether you are making a fresh strawberry cake recipe or these yummy strawberry scones, be sure to include organic and fresh strawberries in the occasion for optimal nutritional value.

This strawberry pastry recipe is sure to please everyone at a special occasion brunch or simply for an easy everyday breakfast. For more brunch recipes or dessert recipe options, check out Kathi’s blog, ‘Deliciously Yum’. She certainly knows a thing or two about sweet treats and indulgence, as a lot of her recipes are amazing desserts, all styled and photographed beautifully. Kathi’s strawberry twists recipe is just one of many pastry options you could try, but their bursting strawberry flavour is a wonderful way to start exploring the recipes of ‘Deliciously Yum’.*

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