Strawberry Vinaigrette

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With the strawberry vinaigrette, you can forget the monotonous and unhealthy brand name salad dressings. This delicious and healthy dressing will make your salad burst with flavor. This recipe was created by Mary Younkin, the author of Barefeet In The Kitchen. She has shared recipes from breakfasts to seafood to everything you can think of, even gluten-free meals. She also loves to travel, and makes recipes inspired by locations such as Montreal poutines.

For this sweet vinaigrette you will need strawberries, white colored balsamic vinegar, some orange juice, and other common ingredients for a vinaigrette. Once you have everything, be sure to stack the ingredients in the correct order listed by the recipe in the blender, and then blend until dressing is smooth.

The recipe lists frozen strawberries as an ingredient, but only because Mary craved it in October. In the summer, I really recommend that you buy fresh strawberries. Personally I can almost taste the freshness of fresh produce over frozen produce. But nutrition-wise I dont believe there is a huge difference to tip the balance to eithers favour. Some studies suggested that fresh fruits are sometimes picked before they are ripe, and during shipment they are exposed to environment elements such as heat, and thus are not nutritious as they can be. This effect is greatly exaggerated during some fruits off-season, so if you are buying fresh fruits, try to buy ones that are in-season. Others also suggest that the fruits picked to be frozen are picked at the peak of their ripeness and thus all the nutrients are preserved. However freezing the fruits means freezing the water molecules and other polar nutrients within the fruit, which may irreparably damage them during freezing and thawing. Ultimately, the nutritional difference is minimal, so you really cant go wrong with fresh fruits or frozen fruits.

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