Streak free window cleaner...NO SQUEEGEE required!

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If window cleaning is part of your annual spring cleaning practices, you may want to check out Jillee’s methods, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, for getting windows shiny new without the use of a squeegee. Reaching windows with a squeegee can be difficult, especially if you are trying to clear all the water off so that no residue gets left behind. Jillee’s cleaning method involves a mixture of ingredients you likely already have in your home, plus a brush for wiping the cleaner over the windows. Once you have tried this method, you will never feel the need to hire window cleaning services again or feel the dread of cleaning them yourself. Check out Jillee’s blog article to see how easy cleaning windows can be.

When following Jillee’s method of window cleaning, it is only expected that you will have to wipe the windows long enough to get the cleaning mixture applied to the entire windows. You will not have to finish the process with a brush or squeegee because you will spray water on the windows which will cause the water and grime to come down in sheets. This product is integral to success because it is designed to prevent water from lingering on items, which is how water spots are left behind. After that, the windows can be left to dry naturally. The key to success is in the window cleaner products Jillee uses, which aren’t designed to clean windows at all. One product used is Jet Dry, which is meant to remove grime from dishes in the dishwasher and leave them spotless. Similar to how Jet Dry acts in your dishwasher, it will clean your windows without you having to scrub them excessively. It will also allow your windows to dry streak-free.

Rather than employing cleaning services to get your windows sparkling again, it is good to know that you can achieve wonderful results on your own and save yourself money. You don’t need any complicated products, but you will require a long handle that you can fit a cloth onto to wipe down the windows. Jillee recommends using a car washing microfiber brush, and since it is designed for cleaning car windows, it works perfectly for polishing home windows as well. If you prefer, however, you could use a broom that has disposable cloths or one that is designed with washable cloths. There is no complicated method for scrubbing the windows and no specific direction you have to go in. Instead, you simply apply the cleaning mixture over the entire window before spraying it off with fresh water. For this, you will want a hose, and it is best if it has a spraying attachment.

The one thing to be mindful of when using Jillee’s instructions is to prevent the cleaner from getting onto any plants that are nearby as it has the potential to damage them. Also, leaving wet cleaner may damage painted exterior, and so you will want to dry those areas after using the product. By using Jet Dry and a mix of other home ingredients, you will have the best window cleaner ever. Not only will cleaning your exterior windows be incredibly easy and efficient to do, but it will also leave your windows in perfect shape, similar to what professional window cleaner would do. Thank you to Jillee, author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for making a streak free window cleaner using a series of household products. Once you have her recipe, you may be implementing this a few times every year to get shiny, glossy windows.

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