Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Go to Janet’s Appalachian kitchen website right now and check out this fabulous photo and what you need to make for dinner tonight: Stuffed Bell Peppers. Stuffed bell peppers are a great and nutritious all in one meal that you can make ahead of time and reheat, or bring out fresh from the oven. This particular recipe smothers the tops of the peppers with cheese while the rest of the ingredients peak out from underneath the creamy stuff, so these peppers will present beautifully.

Stuffed bell peppers can be made in lots of ways. One way is to slice the peppers long and lay them down and fill them like Venetian boats on the waterways. This recipe chooses to have you fill the entire pepper and bake it. That means a lot of filling, so serve these when you know the people in your household are going to be plenty hungry. This meal is pretty complete, as well as filling. It blends the entire pepper, which is good and wholesome, with rice, a great carbohydrate, as well as meat and cheese, both super sources of protein and other nutrients. So this dish could be seen as a one meal deal. It is also easy to serve, because the pepper just holds all the ingredients.

That makes this dish a great one to bring somewhere, such as a community dinner or somewhere else that you want the attraction of a well presented dish with the convenience of carting that dish wherever you are going. The kids will all love this dish because they get to scoop out the insides and find lots of yummy stuff inside. You will like it for its great nutrition, knowing that your kids are getting something they like, but also something that is so good for them to eat. Try this recipe soon, and it will soon become part of your menu repertoire.

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