Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

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This casserole recipe for stuffed cabbage casserole is a delicious and easy casserole that is similar to cabbage rolls without all the work. This healthy casserole has ingredients like lean ground beef or ground turkey whichever you prefer, cabbage, brown rice, and mozzarella cheese. You can try using some certified organic meat or grass fed beef in the recipe for an even healthier version of this casserole dish. This is an easy casserole recipe to make any night of the week; it's flavorful, and the whole family will love it. This recipe makes a large pan full, so we had lots of leftovers. This casserole recipe idea freezes well so you can enjoy it for lunch the next day, or for dinner again when you are in a hurry. For this healthy casserole recipe, you will need a nine by 13-inch baking dish.

Cabbage is one of the main ingredients in this healthy casserole recipe. Cabbage is a healthy choice as it is full of vitamin C and vitamin K which are important for keeping your bones and body healthy. Vitamin C may help your body develop resistance against infectious harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals. And vitamin K is important in the diet as it makes your bone stronger, healthier and may help to delay osteoporosis. Eating cabbage is a bit like taking a multi-vitamin. Like other green vegetables, cabbage is a great source of essential vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin. Cabbage is a natural source of electrolytes and minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, iron and magnesium, which can help control blood pressure and heart rate. Cabbage is the main ingredient in some of the best slaw recipes, but you can use cabbage in all sorts of recipes. The dietary fiber and probiotics found in sauerkraut can help to improve digestion and promote the growth of healthy bowel flora, protecting against many diseases of the digestive tract. With cabbage colors like green, white and purple cabbage is full of anthocyanins, which have been proven to have anti-carcinogenic properties. So adding cabbage into your diet is a healthy idea. You can use cabbage in all sorts of recipes from fish tacos, bean burrito ideas, baked mahimahi, stir fry recipes ideas and so much more. Not only does cabbage add life to all sorts of recipe ideas but is is also good if you are trying to watch your weight as it is low in calories. Cabbage is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and also a good source of dietary fiber. Cabbage is also a good source of folates, especially important for pregnant mothers.

Thank you to Melissa for sharing this casserole recipe for stuffed cabbage casserole on the Melissa's Cuisine recipe site. This is just one of the healthy casserole recipes you will find on the site. Other recipes you will find include appetizer recipe ideas, bars and brownies ideas, cookie recipes ideas, main dish ideas, side dish, holiday recipes and ideas, snacks and so much more. **

Nutrition Facts for: Stuffed Cabbage Casserole from Melissa's Cuisine
Ingredients: Lean ground beef, olive oil, onion, garlic, dried thyme, paprika, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, water, green cabbage, salt, pepper, brown rice, mozzarella cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 10 servings. * Per Serving:Calories 338, Calories from Fat 82, Total Fat 9.1g 14%, Saturated Fat 3.8g 19%, Cholesterol 53mg 18%, Sodium 522mg 22%, Potassium 676mg 19%, Carbohydrates 39.7g 13%, Dietary Fiber 4.7g 19%, Sugars 5.8g, Protein 25.1g, Vitamin A 17%, Vitamin C 61%, Calcium 22%, Iron 57%

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