Stuffed Chicken Breast and Creamy Pasta Bake

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So here isChive & Garlic Chicken Two Ways Stuffed Chicken Breast and Creamy Pasta Bake that can challenge you to make chicken two days in a row. Chives and garlic are wonderful flavor complements and come from the same genus, allium. They blend well and emphasize and contrast nicely. Chicken is a great meat to serve with this blend of herbs and seasoning.

The first recipe stuffs chicken breast with a blend of the seasonings and cheese. This is a delightful way to serve chicken. Add a simple rice dish blended with fresh mushrooms and steamed dark greens (broccoli, asparagus, or whatever your family likes) and this will be a fabulous meal. The second is a creamy pasta bake, which means an easy dish to make and pop in the oven for dinner. It’s an all in one recipe that will more than please and fill hungry mouths tonight. It uses the stuffed chicken recipe, so start with that recipe and make the next one tomorrow. What a great way to get two meals in one. Try them today, and see how every one likes the blend of garlic and chive, and make it again tomorrow night.

Chicken is a great protein food that provides plenty of get up and go power for you and your family. It is a good lean meat and you can purchase free range chickens that are humanely raised and treated for a reasonable price. Don’t be afraid to try the dark meat on chicken. In many ways, this meat is the most flavorful on the bird, and has little more fat than in the breast. Try this delicious, affordable and fast, two meals in one, dish tonight. Enjoy!

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