Stuffed Chicken

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Stuffed Chicken is a great way to add extra nutrition and flavor to this meat. It can also be a good method to increase the moistness in chicken which, with breast meat in particular, can sometimes be a bit lacking. This dish adds moistness two ways; first, by adding mushrooms to the inside to stuff this dish, and second, by adding a fabulous sauce or gravy to the mushrooms at serving time. This dish may take a bit of time to prepare if you are not familiar with the process of pounding out and then stuffing something, but it does not take a lot of time to do it. And the results are astounding, not only for the wonderful resulting flavor, but also for the extra tenderness in the chicken that comes from being pounded out.

This dish comes from a Hungarian background. Two particular ingredients give hints to where this dish comes from, the paprika and the sour cream. These contrasting flavors of heat and sharp tang really mark Eastern European dishes, and complement flatter flavors such as chicken nicely. Caraway seed, another classic in Eastern dishes, is also highlighted here, and the surprise bite of this lightly licorice flavor is fantastic here. Chicken, of course, is a great meat that, precisely because of its more neutral flavors, can take on other tastes such as these ones and really show case them.

This dish will take a bit of time to prepare if it is your first time to make it. But it is well worth the time and effort to try it, at least once. The stuffed chicken serves beautifully, and the sauce works well, too. Serve this dish over noodles, which can absorb the sauce and taste great in this dish. Enjoy it soon.

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