Stunning Greenhouse Built from Old Windows

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This stunning greenhouse do it yourself home project will have you searching yard sales for old windows. This diy idea is a good example of repurposing and recycling and gives those old windows new life. Plus, this is a do it yourself home project looks so good too. Most gardeners love the idea of having a greenhouse in their yard but may be put off by the high costs that are associated with building one. Greenhouse designs can be constructed out of building materials that are less expensive than glass, but there’s something about the beauty and unique character of a glass greenhouse that can’t be replicated with alternate building materials. Building a greenhouse doesn’t have to break the bank, and this DIY idea will show you this. Old windows are thrown away all the time and can quite easily be found for cheap or even free in the classified ads, flea markets or yard sales. Old windows make the perfect option for a do it yourself home projects such as this greenhouse, as you can see in this Instructables project to do. The biggest challenge when making this DIY idea for a greenhouse when using windows to build a greenhouse is getting all the pieces to fit together properly. Another challenge of this do it yourself home project is determining the best roof angle so you can get optimal sun exposure for all seasons. For these reasons, a building plan is essential before you start this do it yourself home project. The builder of this greenhouse used a program called Sketchup to help completely design the greenhouse before starting the framing for the project to do.

Once the framing for the greenhouse DIY idea is complete, the windows can be installed. The windows in this greenhouse project to do were all sealed with some silicone caulk after they were secured to the frame with screws. The finished size of this particular greenhouse design is about 12 feet by 12 feet at the base, and it is about 12 feet tall at the peak. A fan was installed on the top of the roof in the greenhouse with a vent at the floor line to help with cross ventilation. The greenhouse design also has an electric heater to keep the greenhouse warm in the cold months and an automatic irrigation system to help water the plants. This is the ultimate greenhouse design DIY idea. The backyard greenhouse is a great addition to your gardening and can be used to help store potted plants and a great place to start your plants before the growing season starts.

This do it yourself home project for a greenhouse is just one of the diy ideas you can use old windows for. Other projects you can repurpose old windows for can be found on the internet, and you can also use your imagination. Make a headboard. DIY ideas for headboards don’t get much easy than using old windows, and you can hang as many old windows onto your wall to do this. Use windows as a space divider in a room. Hanging old windows is a good way to add some definition to open spaces, and this DIY idea can be used inside the house as well as outside. Make a chalkboard calendar. Replace the glass panels in the old windows with panels of MDF which are covered in chalkboard paint, and you have a calendar or the days of the week to-do list.

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