Sugar Cookie Cheesecake

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Make this sugar cookie cheesecake with the help of many little hands, even if you have to borrow some from the neighbors to do it. This recipe is a fairly straightforward dessert, the classic and fabulous cheesecake, with a few fun twists added in. It results in a very pretty construction, and one that children will just adore and want to eat. They can also help put it together, as long as you can be tolerant of results. But sprinkles and kids just seem natural together, and since this recipe uses plenty of sprinkles, it seems reasonable to bring a few kids in to go along with the sprinkles.

Cheesecake is an ancient, truly ancient, dessert. That may be because cheese is such an old food, made as a way to preserve and carry dairy. Adding a bit of sugar and eggs was a natural process without the addition of flour. In ancient Greece, athletes were celebrated with cheesecake thousands of years ago. Today, cheesecake remains one of the most sublime desserts that you can make and eat filled with the possibilities of thousands of variations on the theme.

Here the base is not the customary graham wafer bottom, but a made from scratch recipe that is just great. The cheesecake sits on the top and the entire thing is baked for an hour, in the classic fashion. Once that is done, your little hands will be helpful for all the sprinkly finishing touches this dessert requires. Be sure, as well, to buy plenty of extra sugar cookies as payment for the service of little hands or you may find yourself short-cookied by mistake. Enjoy the results and eat this dessert often!

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