Sugared Cranberries

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This Sugared Cranberries recipe may change entirely how you feel about this delicious and tangy, sharp and sour, little piece of fruit. Sugared Cranberries recipes may be the only way to eat these little pieces of fruit straight up. They are extremely sour, even for people who do not eat sweets or consume sugar. But once you put them through this sugared cranberries recipe you my find yourself eating cranberries quite often. And they are loaded with plenty of good nutrients and other nutritious reasons for you to eat them.

To make this sugared cranberries recipe is very simple. Basically you just make the standard cranberries recipe, but do not let the cranberries cook until they burst. Instead, remove them from the heat before they reach that point, and then let them drain for some time to get the excess liquid out of them. In some recipes, you just toss the cranberries in the sugar water and do not even allow them to cook at all. This is another option. Either way, once you have dipped them in to the sugar water, then, roll the cranberries in plain white sugar. You might want to try using a more granular and sparkling white sugar in order to coat the cranberries. That might produce a very pretty effect, especially if you plan to use the sugared cranberries for decorative purposes.

This sugared cranberries recipe produces very pretty results. The cranberries could be used to decorate pretty cakes, especially ones that are made as white cake, vanilla cake, lemon cakes or even cranberry loaded cakes (that start out as vanilla cake, usually). The cranberries could also be used to decorate roasts such as pork loin roast or tenderloin roast or even crown a roast bird such as turkey, chicken or goose (whichever you and your family eat). Cranberries are good for you, too, and as often as possible you should eat them whole, rather than made in to a jam or sauce. Cranberries are chock full of vitamins as well as minerals not to mention that they are also a great source of fiber (when you eat the whole cranberry). So eat your cranberries! They are a great food and add loads of good nutrition in to your daily food plan. They are also particularly good for helping to prevent urinary infection, and cranberry juice has been used for years to treat this condition.

Sugared cranberries are a fun thing to make, and even the kids can help out with this project. Once the cranberries have been soaked, cooked or at least tossed in to the sugar water to coat them, the kids can start rolling them in the sugar. Enjoy making this Sugared Cranberries recipe.

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