Summer Berry Trifle

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This Summer Berry Trifle includes Grand Marnier and our wonderful blogger and recipe creator, Alexandra, says to leave out the Grand Marnier when kids will be eating this dessert. Personally, I think the kids can probably handle a few drops of liquor in their dessert, and if they cannot, pack them off to bed, and let the adults enjoy this fantastic dessert. Grand Marnier is the perfect liquor to add to fresh berries; it is smooth and subtle while helping to emphasize the fruitiness of the berries. If you have not tried this kind of combination before, try it soon. A liquor wonderful deepens and enriches this dessert.

The original English trifle was made from day old cake or cookies soaked in some kind of liquor, so this recipe follows that tradition. It is also wonderful because everything is made from scratch, including the custard. Here, a cake is made from scratch that is rich with egg yolks and a bit spongy from the addition of egg whites. The egg whites cause a lot of airiness in the cake that allows the custard to soak nicely in to the cake. It can also allow any liquor to also easily permeate the cake layers. The custard is a classic recipe, and not difficult to make. These two layers are alternated with the fruit. Choose any combination you like, but choose at least three. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are fabulous. Strawberries are also great, but they do tend to dominate in terms of flavor. If you use strawberries, only add enough for a burst of flavor now and again. Be sure to cut all the fruit in similar sizes, so some will need more cutting than others.

Trifle is an old English dessert that is delicious in summer or winter. Its layers of cake, fruit and custard, with a final topping of fresh whipped cream make it as pretty to look at as it is delicious to eat. Try this dish soon.

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