Summer Chicken Salad

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Summer Chicken Salad is a perfect warm weather lunch or dinner accompaniment. Chicken tastes just as good cold as it does warm and so it is a great choice for this recipe. And the ingredients include pecans and cranberries so this dish is sweet, savory and crunchy all at once. It is quick and easy to toss this recipe together first thing in the morning and have it chilled and ready to eat for lunch. It even tastes great on bread, so you can make a sandwich if you prefer.

Cranberries are a tangy northern fruit that has become more popular over the years, moving out from its humble position as something we only served at Thanksgiving to a fruit that can be used fresh or dried in a wide range of dishes. Cranberries are terrific in cakes and cookies or made in to a sauce to serve with a wide assortment of meats including pork, beef or chicken. Today you can also buy cranberries that are sweetened, but eat the real thing. Once you become accustomed to the tang, nothing else will do but a real cranberry with nothing in it. Cranberries are also great fruits that protect us from various forms of cancer. They also help prevent urinary tract infections. All of the health benefits from cranberries are substantially improved when you eat the whole fruit rather than an extract or in some other processed form. Cranberries are also great sources of vitamin E, manganese and fiber, when consumed in their natural state.

Pecans are also one of the ingredients in this health conscious salad. Nuts contain plenty of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. So make this salad, and plenty of it. Invite your friends over for a detox meal, and serve them this nutritious and delicious dish. Why not do it today?

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